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Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter.

Well its Easter weekend and we have snow, fresh snow too!  

Last weekend, we went up into the Dales, to take some pretty photos, but didn't really make it past  our favourite Pub, that serves Real Ale.  The roaring log fire was just too inviting!
We have had snow falling all week and I love the Photos taken by Andy Beck.  He is a local Photographer and has taken some amazing shots of the snow.  This is one of his.


Happy Easter, hope you have a weekend filled with family, friends, chocolate, cake and fun!


  1. Love the snow picture beautiful. The cakes in the pictures did you make them, they look yummy.Have a lovely Easter Hols.

  2. Hi Rosezeeta, the cakes were yummy, all gone now! They were from a lovely cakey lady. hope you had a good Easter too.

  3. That snow photo is amazing! So beautiful! We didn't have any snow here - it's hard to imagine that there was so much elsewhere in the country!