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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Time for Tea!

As I commented earlier today to Mrs J....."Faffing is very exhausting and time consuming and so terribly difficult to get right. If you don't faff to the correct standard it's just messing and messing will never do."

So today I have faffed with this set of Bell China.  Sugary pink with black polka dots, its so stylish.

Mr V was sent off to M & S this morning to purchase a bag of pink and white marshmallow hearts, that were just perfect for the photos.
 Despite telling him the precise location of the mallows, he still had to ring whilst in the shop and grumbled that he couldn't find them.    So I had to direct him over the phone and eventually he managed!
Just waiting for him to finish drilling some plates then I can make matching cake stands too......ooh think I will need some fondant fancies for that photo.