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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Put the Kettle on, it's time for Tea!

Jubilee Tea

I love Afternoon Tea.

When done correctly, its a fabulous way to spend an Afternoon.

China is important, matching or a pretty mismatch is fine, just so long as it's Vintage.
Tuscan Coffee set.
Floral china to celebrate Mother's Day
Pretty Rosebud china
Tea in the Garden
A table laid with starched linen, vintage china, gleaming silver, sparkling glass and cake stands groaning with dainty sandwiches, delicate pastries, scones and cake, looks so inviting.
Crinoline Lady cloth
Art Deco style, pearl handle tea knives

mmm cake

Tea for 2
Strawberry & cream sponge
A tower of cake stands filled with cake!
Pecan & ginger, with salted caramel sauce
A Tower of cake!

My Favourite places to visit for tea are..........

 Robineau Patisserie

The Morning Room at Gilpin Lodge Hotel

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  1. What pretty china. I love the tower of cakes. I only drink coffee but I like it in a vintage cup and saucer.